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Today 19 July 2019, I’ve participated a daylong marathon training on “Art of Voice” held by Mridha Institute at University of Rajshahi. I’ve learnt the beauty and art of voice, the powerful hack of the voice. I’m a big fan of trainer Mr. Md. Shahadat Hossain, an famous Actor and Theatre Director. I was impressed by his presentation and enriched the knowledge he provided.

Few days ago, I came to know that, Mridha Institute is going to arrange a daylong training program on Voice Art. I grabbed the opportunity because, in Rajshahi even in Dhaka, this kind of training is not normally held due to go without expert and lack of initiative. I’d like to thanks Mr. Tapos Mridha to organize the program in Rajshahi. Taposh Da is the man of nice personality. His team was working with the full of spirit. The smile of Shahadat Sir always makes me happy. His voice is deep, clear, manly and attractive.

certificate certificate class with Shahadat Hossain participant
Certificate and few pictures of training program

Now, I want to share my learnings what I’ve sewn up at the workshop.

An Overview of Voice Acting

The nature of voice acting may- effective communication- which is the sound of our voice; emotional communication- performing technique and illusion of reality- which I can’t see but making reality that I’m seeing. The voice artist’s basic requirement is-

  • A decent voice: ~which don’t affect or harm someone naturally,
  • Directable talent~ we may have a lot of talents, but he/she can perform well who can take direction from director.
  • Good reading skills~ live newspaper.
  • Dedication or passion and
  • A competitive attitude~ that I will do good.

There is a few difference between a typical voice actor and Voice Acting. These are:

Typical Voiceover Voice Acting
Often Ready or Announcing Conversational
Connect intellectually Connect Emotionally
Force delivery selling Tells a story
Create audience tune out Keeps audience attention

The nature of communication

The graph shows the communication nature. 55% communication done by body language and only 7% by words. But we concentrate more in words than body language.

How our brain works?

I’ve tried to draw a picture. From the image, we see, Left hemisphere of brain control right part of body and Right hemisphere of brain control left part of body. And these are the centre for logical and creative and non linear thinking.

These are creative ‘spin’ to the linear words of script.

Later I’ll I’ll discuss the 7 core elements for effective performance.

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