Suman Résumé

Personal Information

First name: Md. Suman
Last name: Miah
Sex: Male
Blood group: B+
Nationality: Bangladesh
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Date of birth: 11 December 1989
E-Mail Address:


Mailing Address Rajshahi
Address: DASCOH Foundation, Lutheran Mission Complex, Dingadoba
Country: Bangladesh
District: Rajshahi
Thana: Rajpara Thana
Post code: 6201
E-Mail Address:
Permanent Address Rangpur
Address: Rangpur
Country: Bangladesh
District: Rangpur
Thana: Rangpur Sadar
Post code: 5400

Educational Achievements

Medium of Instruction: English

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM), Institute of Personnel Management, Bangladesh.
    • Specialization: Fundamental of Management, Human Resource Management, Labor Economics, Industrial Psychology, Labor Law, Industrial Relations, Industrial Safety, Labor Welfare
    • Awarded: Ongoing
  • Master of Science (MS) in Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
    • Specialization: Water Resource Management, Geo hazard, Disaster and Environmental Management
    • Awarded: 2012 (Examination held in 2014, Result Published in 2015)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hon’s) in Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
    • Specialization: Hydrogeology, Petroleum, Mining, Remote sensing & GIS, Physical, Historical Geology, Geological Mapping, Mineralogy, Stratigraphy, Geophysics
    • Awarded: 2011 (Examination held in 2012)
  • H.S.C at Rangpur Govt. College, Rangpur, Rajshahi Board, Bangladesh
    • Group: Science
    • Specialization: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English
    • Awarded: 2007
  • S.S.C at Bir Uttam Shaheed Samad High School, Rangpur Cant., Rajshahi Board, Bangladesh
    • Group: Science
    • Specialization: Physics, Chemistry, Higher Mathematics, English
    • Awarded: 2005

Report and Presentation


  • Md. Ferozur Rahman, Md. Suman Miah, Md. Kamruzzaman and Chowdhury Sarwar Jahan, Rainwater Harvesting to Alleviate Water Scarcity in Drought-prone Barind Tract, NW,Bangladesh: A Case Study_ (2016), Proceeding Published in 1st International Conference on Botanical Pesticide and Environmental Sustainability. 24-26, IES, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


  • Internship Title: A Report on Inspection of Titas well no- 27 Drilling Process, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh, (2014), MS Report, University of Rajshahi


  • Project Title: Study of Groundwater Potentiality in the Rajshahi University campus Using Geoelectric Resistivity Survey, (2011), B.Sc (Honours) Part- IV, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi
  • Project Title: Geological field report on Jaintapur & Adjacent Areas, Sylhet, Bangladesh, (2010), B.Sc (Honours) Part-III, University of Rajshahi
  • Project Title: Geological fields report on the Sitakund Anticline. (Bariyadhala to Barabkund) Sitakund, Chittagong, Bangladesh, (2009), Honours Part-II, University of Rajshahi


  • Conducted Several Training on GIS, Database Program, Digital Data Collection, Survey and Computer Application at DASCOH Foundation.
  • Several Oral Presentation During Completion of B.Sc. (Hon’s) and MS Degree

Employment History

  1. Monitoring & ICT Officer, Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Project, DASCOH Foundation. From 14 June 2015 - Recent. IWRM Project is being implemented first in Bangladesh as the true IWRM defined by Global Water Partnership.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Establish MIS system.
  • Conduct Training on GIS and Database for the purpose of Water Resource Management.
  • Arrange water quality monitoring liaison with DPHE, UP and Pourashava.
  • Design/prepare and coordinate monitoring programs and technical activities to ensure compliance other relevant approvals for wastewater and recycled water systems.
  • Develope water quality monitoring tools, techniques, guidelines and manuals.
  • Conduct surveys, developing digital data collection system, monitor progress of ongoing activities, and assess the impact of the project intervention.
  • Data processing, Regular Website Update Proper archiving of documents with IT base environment
  • Delineating Water Management System (WMS) Using GIS Tools.
  • Groundwater Level Monitoring
  • Compile, manage and analyse data in compliance with the project objectives
  • Developing methodologies, tools formats for the monitoring purposes and guide people for efficient use.
  • Design, conduct and analysis of baseline/endline surveys as well as the annual internal evaluations.
  • Support institutionalization of water quality monitoring system at union and pourashava level.
  • Contribute to the knowledge management and monitoring systems
  • Periodic output and outcome focused monitoring database developed.
  • Three annual and three half-yearly outcome focused operational reports developed.

I have been engaged as a Research Associate since 3 years (2012-2015) in following projects -

  1. Survey Conduction and Preparation of Hydro-geological Profile to Identify and Assess the Potential/Safe Shallow and Deep Aquifer for Mini Pipeline Water Supply in Barodhutpatila, Damurhuda Upazilla, Chuadanga District with Special Emphasis on Arsenic Contamination. Under the Project ‘Enhancing Governance and capacity of Service Provider and Civil Society in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector (EGSCS)’. NGO Forum for Public Health, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.
  2. A Viable Solution to Groundwater Depletion in Barind Area, Northwest of Bangladesh. Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD), Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.
  3. Hydro-geologist Expert for Survey Conduction and Preparation of Hydro-geological Profile to Install Aquifer Recharge Well in Chapai-Nawabganj District. NGO Forum for Public Health, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.
  4. Water Quality in Zia Nagor Slum Area, Rajshahi. Village Education and Resource Center (VERC).

Major Responsibilities as Research Associate:

  • Taking VES (Vertical Electrical Sounding) data
  • Analyze data using Resistivity Sounding (VES) software, spreadsheet program (Excel, SPSS), ArcGIS software
  • Preparing field reports
  • Provide support for projects by collecting data, providing project documentation
  • Provide technical assistance in data analysis, regulatory analysis

Computer Skills

  • IT Passport (IP) Exam passed, Bangladesh IT-engineers Examination Center (BD-ITEC), Bangladesh Computer Council
  • Completed 6 Month Database Programming Certificate of Skill Standard Basic Course Examination 2015 By Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka; Secured Grade: A+, Reg. No: 857355, Sl No: 2250486.
  • Completed 3 month training course on “Content Management System with Wordpress” Institute: Raj IT, Rajshahi, Supported by Bangladesh High-tech Park Authority From 26.09.2014 to 30.12.2014
  • Received 5 days training and a daylong “boot camp” on “Mobile Application Development” by MoICT.
  • Experienced in Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP & Linux
  • Supplementary Research Software: Advance Excel, ArcGIS, Watershed Management System (WMS), SPSS, Rockworks 16, Surfer, Logplot, Project Management & M&E online & Offline Tools.
  • Have one year course curriculum on ‘Basic Computing’ (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and FORTRAN language) from dept. of Geology & Mining, University of Rajshahi
  • Skilled Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator.
  • Skilled in Web Designing and development, knows (html, css, JavaScript, jquary, php), Visual Basic and Java.
  • Sound in Networking and Intranet, Internet Applications, E-Mail Applications, Social Networking (Audio-Visual Conferencing/ Instant Messaging Services Etc.)

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Language Proficiency

Language Speak Understand Read Write Mother tongue
Bengali Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent Mother tongue
English1 Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent  
German2 Moderate Moderate Fluent Fluent  
Hindi Fluent Fluent Not Fluent Not Fluent  


Training Received

  • Training on Report Writing, Organized by DASCOH Foundation, Rajshahi, From 28 March 2018-29 March 2018
  • Training on Measuring Resilience, Organized by Swiss Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent, Training by Banyaneer, SKSInn Training Center, Gaibandha, Bangladesh, From 11 June to 15 June 2017
  • Training on Conflict Sensitive Program Management (CSPM), Organized by DASCOH & Swiss Red Cross, DASCOH Training Center, Rajshahi, From 24 to 26 June 2015.
  • Training Course on Principles of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing, Organized By Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) From 28-29 May 2015
  • Training Course on Multidisciplinary Application of Geographic Information System (GIS), Organized By Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) From 03-04 December 2015
  • Received 3 days Training on Integrated Water Resource Management from 29.08.2016 to 31.08.2016 at Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra.


  • International Conference on Oil and Gas Exploration Technologies 24-25 April (2013) Nawab Ali Chowdhury Auditorium, Dhaka University. Organized By Department of Geology, Dhaka University. Sponsored by GAZPROM International, Russia and Petrobangla, Bangladesh.
  • North Bengal Drought Conference (NBDC) 2012 on sharing Knowledge Combating Climate Change Disaster. Organized by Dept. Of Geology and mining, University of Rajshahi, Co-organizer: CSRL, Barandra Campaign Group, Rajshahi


  • Attended a seminar on Irrigation Option in the Barind Area: Status and Potential Organized by- Department of Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205.


  • Workshop on Leadership Skill Development, Organized by Rotaract Club of Rajshahi University at Rajshahi University on 25th December, 2015
  • Workshop on Project Management, Organized by Rotaract Club of Rajshahi University at Rajshahi University on 11th December, 2009
  • Workshop on Human Resource Management, Organized by Rotaract Club of Rajshahi University at Rajshahi University on 14th January, 2011

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Worked as an Organizer, National Earth Olympiad 2013 & 2014, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI).
  • Working as a Vice President, Rotaract Club of Rajshahi University, R.I.D: 3281; Rota year: 2013-14 and Professional Service Director in Rota year: 2012-13
  • Worked as a Convener of Cultural Programme Organizing Committee, Department of Geology and Mining University of Rajshahi 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • Volunteer, ‘North Bengal Drought Conference (NBDC) 2012, 2014 on sharing Knowledge Combating Climate Change Disaster.’ Organized by Dept. of Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Co-organizer: CSRL, Barandra Campaign Group, Rajshahi.
  • Worked as an Member of SWANAN, Voluntary Blood Donor Organization.
  1. Achieved APTIS certificate scored B1 from British Council. 

  2. A year certificate course on German language as demonstrated moderate skill through reading, listening and speaking and taking personal interview. 

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